Jogak Jogak (2022)

; Residential design

  This project aims to solve people's housing problems and find lost communities and their identities.
   I define our society as a quilt requiring stitching the various patches. A person should be combined like quilt into society. People can not be enhanced without others, which means humans should be gathered to bring out their potential power and construct a better society.

   However, somewhere in our society, some people cannot afford to do what they want. Some residents who live in shanty houses could not prepare for retirement, leading to poor areas. With a tiny room, they wait to die since busy society does not want to afford them even if they want to participate.

Also, with the housing, they have no privacy and space to interact positively with people, which leads to low self-esteem. Therefore, promoting their sense of self-efficacy is vital because most think they are useless.
     When the ego can be realised, it alleviates pain by creating a driving force that can be performed by recalling the moments when one has become the subject. Through spiritual travel to the past, nostalgia can be cured sufficiently, and through this, it is to remind them that their lives are worth living again. However, they only have an inadequate environment. That is why they need the proper house for positive energy with diverse action.
Postgraduate course Graduate Project